Long Leaf Pine Needles

Long Leaf Pine Needles

$6.79 Per Bale

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This is the best place to buy bales of long leaf pine needles.

Order 50 bales or more online for $6.79/bale and delivery is included within our delivery area.

Or- Stop into the store and bales are $5.39 without delivery.

Delivery within 1-3 business days.

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This is the best place to buy bales of long leaf pine needles.

Order 50 bales or more online for $6.79/bale. Or come in and buy bales of pine needles at the store and they cost $5.39 without delivery.

Pine needles are used as mulch in the Southeastern US. Pine needles are actually a leaf. Pine needles eventually decay and benefit the soil in the same way that decomposing leaves benefit the ground. This results in recycling nutrients and maintaining organic matter in the soil.

Pine needles help control weeds and help retain moisture in the soil. Pine needles don’t typically wash away during rain storms.

Trees are not damaged during the process of harvesting pine needles. The carbon footprint for harvesting pine needles vs. other mulches is very low. The majority of pine needles are harvested by hand using a rake. Pine needles are raked into piles and placed into a wooden box for baling. Some people refer to pine needles as pine straw. Pine straw and pine needles are the same thing.

Installation of pine needles involves a little more than people realize. It takes time and practice to become skilled at distributing the long leaf pine needles evenly and fixing the edges so they look neat and manicured. Sometimes people spray to kill weeds first. Sometimes the weeds should be pulled out before spreading the pine needles. If you would like someone to install your pine needles, just ask, and we will give you the phone number for someone we recommend.

We supply bulk pine needles or wholesale pine needles. If you are looking for a wholesale supplier of pine needles, please call us.

The bales of pine needles are stored inside. This way our customers receive nice clean, dry bales of long leaf pine needles.

These are the long leaf pine needles which people like to use as mulch. The needles are typically 9 to 12 inches long and have the best appearance and are the best pine needles to use for mulch or decoration in your lawns and gardens.

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3 reviews for Long Leaf Pine Needles

  1. Lisa Murphy

    These are the really long pine needles. They sell them for landscaping but I use them for basket making and decoration. It is cheaper to get the minimum quantity which is a lot than to buy little bags of them from art supply stores.

  2. Roger B

    They stack them neatly

  3. Max Krumpholz

    Great quality compared to big box store

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