Mini Pine Bark Nuggets

$32.00 Per Yard

Yard Works Mini Pine Nuggets contain only pine bark without pine wood. Mini Pine Nuggets have natural reddish brown color. This mulch is produced locally.

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Yard Works Mini Pine Nuggets contain only pine bark without the pine wood. It has a natural reddish brown color and is good on hill sides or berms. This mulch is produced locally and is also commonly referred to as pine bark mulch. Mini pine bark nuggets have a natural look and come from pine trees.
As it slowly decomposes nutrients are released into the soil. Pine bark mulch provides a protective layer that helps reduce the growth of weeds and helps the soil retain moisture. It also acts as insulation which keeps the soil temperature more stable.
Pine bark nuggets are a medium long-lasting, durable and attractive addition to any landscaping project. Please use our Mulch Volume Calculator to calculate the amount of Pine Nuggets for your project.

Mini Pine Nugget Mulch is typically installed to be 1-3 inches deep in perennial beds and 3-5 inches deep to cover tree roots.


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