NE River Stones

New England River Stones or NE River Stones: Natural Beauty for Your Outdoor Spaces

Our New England River Stones bring elegance and functionality to your landscaping projects. Available in six different sizes, each stone serves a specific purpose:

  1. 5/16″ Pea-stone: Ideal for pathways, walkways, and areas with sensitive foot traffic. Perfect for dog pounds and animal centers.
  2. 3/8″ River Rock: Use it on pathways, driveways, and flowerbeds. Easy to spread by hand tools. Great for drip edges and playgrounds.
  3. 3/4″ River Rock: Versatile size for various applications. Spread it by hand in flower beds, islands, and low-traffic areas.
  4. 1-2″ River Rock: Medium-sized stones suitable for residential landscapes. Use them in slight grades and other features.
  5. 2-4″ River Rock: Best-selling size in the Carolina region. Ideal for commercial landscapes, medium grades, and high-traffic areas.
  6. 5-10″ River Rock: Perfect for decorative landscaping projects. Enhance drainage and control erosion in water flow settings.

Transform your outdoor haven with the timeless appeal of New England River Stones. Visit YardWorks Landscape Supply to explore these stunning stones!

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